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No worries, I have you covered. I remember back when I first started thinking about dipping my toe into essential oils.

All the information at there was so confusing. I just wanted it simple and easy to understand.

And that is my mission with you.

To explain all this oil buying business in simple ways so you can make the best decision for you.

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Making Essential Oils Easy!

So maybe you have heard your friends talking about Essential Oils or you have seen them on Pinterest. You are thinking,

“I want to check this Essential Oil thing out.”

Discover how BY OILY DESIGN has helped others just like you, Become the oily hero of their family!




  • Overwhelmed and confused by all the different essential oil options out there. So you’re stuck wondering “What’s the difference and why is it so complicated to figure out?” You have absolutely no idea how to start or who to buy essential oils from!
  • Stuck feeling like your family's wellness just isn't as good as it could be. Like if your kid rubs their nose on your shirt one more time you are scared you just might lose it.
  • Struggling with your confidence in creating a detoxed home, wishing you could make your home clean without all the harmful chemicals, but honestly you don't have time for researching and figuring all that stuff out.

Oh, let me share with you that you are in the right place!

What if I told you I can make essential oils easy to learn and it can be done at your own speed.

I'm here to help get you started using and loving essential oils.

When you sign up to become a Young Living Member with me as your enroller, I will make getting started in oils easy and stress-free for you!

No complicated stuff, just fun, and easy learning headed your way. I can't wait to share all the many essential oil uses out there!

2019 young living premium starter kit with desert mist diffuser





Essential Oils are liquids created from the breakdown of plants, usually thru a process called distillation.

Essential Oils have the smell and therapeutic values from the plant they are created from.

When you smell a whole orange as you bite into it, that is the smell that you get when you smell Orange essential oil made from the rind of an orange.

Want to know more about essential oils? Well, you are in the right place. If you are ready to order you can get started right now!


I remember thinking there was no way essential oils worked.

I actually bought my first kit because I was tired of my house smelling like a pickle.

I had just had my first kid and I wanted a cleaner, less toxic home for her. I was using vinegar to clean but wasn't in love with the pickle smell and thought maybe I could mask it by diffusing a few oils.

Once I made that first investment in a premium starter kit I wanted to prove to my husband I hadn't just wasted my money so I started creating all sorts of fun DIY cleaning products and beauty products.

My house was smelling and looking so clean and I was saving money on cleaning products but, what convinced me about the awesomeness of oils was when I made a face serum.

In a few short days, the skin serum that I made with oils from my starter kit made my skin glow. Family members and friends were asking me what was so different about me.

I realized then, WOW, these essential oils can be used for tons of cool stuff! and I started sharing my oily love.



For me it was all about answering the questions:

Where are the essential oils created?

Where are the plants grown?

How will I ever know if they are of good quality?

Honestly, these questions really worried me, because if I was going to begin using these essential oils to support my family's health and wellness then I wanted to make sure they were the best.

I have a degree in Agriculture from Clemson University.

I know that species of plant, soil, and climate are all important factors in the quality of a plant.

I also know from years working in Quality Assurance that how something is processed and handled before packaging makes a huge difference in the end product.

With Young Living's Seed to Seal Guarantee, these fears were removed.