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Day 1- Blogging To Grow Your MLM

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The time has finally come! Welcome to Day 1 of How to Start a blog to grow a MLM business 5 Day Course.

Day 1- Reasons you should blog, what to blog about and picking the MLM that is a right fit with your blog.

Let’s dive right in.

I started my blog for two reasons. One, I loved essential oils so much that I couldn’t stop talking about them and I wanted to teach others all about them. I needed an outlet to teach and blogging was the perfect fit for me. Two, I decided I wanted to start a MLM business and I wanted it to grow on two levels, locally among my friends and family and also on a worldwide level by blogging.

Everyone’s reason to start blogging will be different. Think about yours. Why do you want to start a blog? What made you want to enroll in this course and learn more about building your own blog?

Some reasons people start blogs

  1. For Fun – There are lots of people who blog for a hobby. You would be surprised at how profitable some of the hobby blogs can be.
  2. To Teach Others– I love to teach others but the idea of getting up in front of a huge number of people at one time is for me scary. With my blog, I can teach 1000s a day! With one blog post, I have the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of people.
  3. To Create Community– I use my blog not only as an education spot for my readers but my downline feels a sense of community knowing they all belong to the By Oily Design community. It’s the link that brought them all together.
  4. To Grow In Knowledge– It’s so easy to sit back and allow your upline to do all the work. To just use their marketing material and then copy and paste in your social media. But I can’t do that with blogging. Blogging has helped me grow. I want to create branded and specialized information for my readers. My readers help inspire me to research and develop new post and so I’m learning all the time.
  5. To Build A Business– Of course, if you are here to help grow your MLM business this reason will be important to you. Blogging is a great way to grow the MLM business you already have or to kick-start the new MLM business you are just now creating. I started my MLM business at the same time I started my blog. It was the best decision I ever made. It has been a ton of work and there are days I feel stretched to the limit but creating my business with the help of blogging has helped me grow so much faster than I would have going the more traditional route.

There is no right or wrong answer on why you should start a blog. But I feel you need to have an idea of why so that you can create direction as you build your blog and audience.

What To Blog About

There are two ways you can blog to grow your MLM business and I’m asked all the time which way is best.

Route 1– is having a specific blog topic/ niche and use the MLM product as a few post here and there.


Route 2– Create a blog that’s main focus is only about the MLM product.

I say both routes work and they both work great. You just have to decide what works best for you.

The key to Route 1 (having a blog with a specific topic that you mix your MLM product with) is that the blog topic and your MLM product need to make sense together. I personally think that Route 1, a mixed blog, is the way to go for people new to blogging.


Because when you niche down to only one very specific topic, Route #2, it can get hard to branch out as your blog grows.

Case in point- I took route #2- After about a year of being so focused with my blog on only essential oils from my MLM, I’ve found myself wanting to branch to broader topics. This is hard to do because I branded my blog early on as a blog that talked only about Essential Oils. I’m learning that the few post I have about food recipes and my love of instapots are not resonating as much as I had hoped with my readers. If I had started a blog with a wider scope those types of post would have done much better. Am I going to stop trying to widen my topics? No. But I do have a lot of work in front of me. Learning from my past, if I was starting a new blog I personally would build a new blog going Route #1 Picking a blog topic and then add my MLM business as a side item to that focus.

Somethings to think about if you go Route #2

Can you blog weekly and for years on just your MLM business products?

Do the products the MLM company offers create a lifestyle you can blog about?

If for some unknown reason way off in the future you decide you want to branch away from that company could your blog be redirected easily to another MLM or another focus? It’s food for thought and to be honest I was so new to the whole MLM thing when I started my blog that I didn’t think about that.

If you are going with Route 1 here is a list of popular blog topics to chose from



Beauty and Fashion


Cooking/ Food

Wellness- Workouts, Dieting, Health Coaching, Yoga


Personal Development



Small Business





Inspiration and Advice


Think of your passions and interest. Do they fit anywhere in any of these topics? Can you combine a few to make it uniquely you?

I once heard that even if something isn’t really your passion, once it starts making you money it will be. So don’t feel paralyzed if one topic doesn’t just scream “that’s my passion”. Pick something you would enjoy learning about and go with that.

Action step 1- Pick a route to take 1 or 2. If #1 what will your blog topic be for your new blog.

Picking Your MLM

Most of you will already have your MLM business started but what if you don’t have a MLM business picked out yet? Here are a few tips to help you pick the right MLM business for you.

First, you need to pick a product that you can actually love and want to use even if you never make a dime off of it. Your love will shine through when you talk about your product and as you begin to build your MLM business. People will see through if your only interest is money and that will turn them off.

Second, Check out the MLM company’s compensation plan. Is the way they pay their distributors okay with you? What rank and paycheck would be life-changing for you and is that something you can see yourself achieving?

Third, What is your investment to be apart of this MLM company? Is there a monthly requirement?

Fourth, Who you enroll under will make a big difference in your business with product education and support. Even if your enroller is not big on business building, make sure their upline is ready and willing to support you and help in your business building. Keep moving up your upline till you find that business builder willing to help. I promise they are there, sometimes you just have to go up several levels.

Hopefully, your enroller is like me. I want to give my business builders every tool that I can to help them succeed. It's why I'm sharing all this with you. The day my downline passes me in rank will be one of my happiest days ever. I love seeing people grow and succeed! If you want to talk to me about joining my team shoot me a reply to this email. I’d be happy to chat.

Making sure your MLM fits with your Blog Topic

So how do you know if your Blog topic and your MLM business work together?

There should be a natural fit between the two of them.

See if you can come up with a few blog post to tie them together.

Check out Pinterest and search your MLM product and company name. Check out the blog post and blogs already talking about the product. Do they mesh well together? Is it a natural fit?

For example- Let’s say you want to grow your MLM business that is based on Essential Oils (hey it’s what I know 😉 )

Some great blog topics that would go well are-

Homeschooling- You can talk about how you use oils for kids concentration, kid wellness, cleaning your school area, etc.

Parenting blogs- This gives you tons of ways to share essential oils. From family wellness, sleep for your kids, non-toxic cleaning.

Lifestyle- You can talk about the clean lifestyle and going non-toxic.

Some other great blog niches that work well with growing an essential oil MLM business- Beauty and Fashion, Cooking, Gardening, Yoga, Wellness and even travel blogs.

Action step 2- Make sure your MLM Business and your blog topic mix well with each other.

Daily Action-

1. Identify which blogging route you will take #1 or #2.

2. Research some blogs on Pinterest and google and see what they are saying about your MLM company and product.

3. If going with Route #1 answer the question, will your MLM product and blog topic mix well together?

If you are not a student of this free blogging course, you can sign up by clicking on this link, or by entering your information in the form below.


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