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Discover 30 inspiring oils to help unlock improved winter health

by Ruth
Check out these 30 Essential Oils for Cold Weather Wellness plus 12 inspiring Essential Oil Diffuser recipes for cold weather. Essential Oils diffuser recipes for wellness. Essential Oils for beginners.

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With this Essential Oils for Cold Weather Wellness post I want to introduce you to a few Essential Oils, you may have never heard of that I try to incorporate daily during the cold weather to help support my family’s winter wellness. Now let me say I don’t use them all every day but I do select a few each day to help encourage our winter wellness.

Many of these Essential Oils for Cold Weather Wellness on their own already smell amazing and when blended together for an Essential Oil Diffuser Recipe you get an amazing aroma that comes with some great health benefits too.

I feel like a mom who has her act together when I can multitask with ease. For me, diffusing Essential Oils and creating a fabulous smelling home naturally without toxic chemicals while simultaneously helping support my family’s wellness is a total multitasking win!

So even if your a total newbie at this whole Essential Oils thing and were here checking out my other post on Essential Oils for Beginners. I think this post will be great for everyone by giving you an idea of the many oils you can look forward to adding to your collection as you evolve on your Essential Oil for beginners Journey.

Plus at the end of this post, I have 12 Fun diffuser recipes using many of these 30 Essential Oils for Cold weather wellness so you can put them to use for your family.

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Essential Oils for Cold Weather Wellness


Check out these 30 Essential Oils for Wintertime. This list of Essential Oils has Essential Oils that are so versatile that you will find so many other great uses for them too. And I bet some of these Essential Oils will surprise you.







Eucalyptus Blue

Eucalyptus Radiata

Tea tree



Mountain Savory

Palo Santo

Sacred Frankincense




Dorado Azul

Northern lights black Spruce





Citrus fresh









List of 30 essential oils that are good for winter wellness support. background of snowflakes.

So if you are like me when I first started with oils, you probably see a lot of oils on this list that you are like, what in the world is that? Well, I’m a firm believer of researching and checking things out. Young Living on their site has a lot of information to teach you about oils but one of my favorite ways to research is by using the Ref Guide for Essential Oils.

Click on the below to get this fabulous app. I can’t recommend it enough.

Now you know I can’t let you leave without a few ideas of how to diffuse these Essential Oils for Cold Weather Wellness.

Here are some of my favorite blends to diffuse while my family is cuddled up and I’m playing Dr. Mom.

Now I will be the first to say. Some of these blends smell so amazing it’s really hard to realize that they are Essential Oils for Winter Wellness. While a few of them may not smell as wonderful, you know you are reaping Essential Oils Diffuser benefits that will help support your body during these winter months.


Essential Oils for Cold Weather Wellness Diffuser Blends

Feel free to adjust the drop amounts to your liking. Remember, if you are new to experiencing these essential oil benefits go easy on a number of drops you use. Even after diffusing became old hat for me, when I try a new oil for the first time I always take it easy and 1/2 the recipe just to test our sensitivity to it.

3 bottles of essential oils on a wood table with diffuser and plant in background.

For an easy to print pdf of the Essential Oils for Cold Weather Wellness inspired Diffuser recipes, click on the image below and download the PDF document and print it out on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper.

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If you like the above recipes for  Essential Oils for Cold Weather Wellness I hope you will try out my other diffuser recipe post! I've got lots of free downloadable PDF recipes as part of these post.

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