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6 Essential Oil diffuser blends for kids that moms love

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Kid Friendly Diffuser Recipes

Kids love Essential Oils and Essential Oil Diffusers.

I don't know why, but they are just drawn to them.

My girls, even though they are small, love to smell and talk about the different essential oils I have for our family's use.

Recently, I decided to create a list of diffuser recipes that my girls ask for over and over. Some of the essential oil diffuser blends for kids that I list might even remind you of some of your childhood favorite smells!

In this post, I'm going to share our top 6 essential oil diffuser blends for kids, my top suggestion for a kid's essential oil diffuser and a few popular essential oils safe for kid use.

*This post includes affiliate links to Young Living Oils and to non-oil products mentioned.

row of premium starter kit essential oils in front of a diffuser


Why create essential oil diffuser blends for kids?

Not all essential oils are safe for kids. Especially babies and small kids. For a list of oils to avoid using around small children check out my post- “Are you using essential oils safely?” I even include a free PDF download of my safety cheat sheet.

With safety and fun in mind, I created the below essential oil diffuser blends for kids list.  Now that we have a go-to list of fun, simple essential oil blends. I even feel safe enough to diffuse these blends in my kids essential oil diffusers in their bedrooms.

Looking for special blends just for babies you will love this list of safe essential oils for babies and baby diffuser recipes.

Speaking of Diffusers for kids rooms

My Top 2 picks for Kids Essential Oil Diffusers

I get asked a good bit about kids essential oil diffusers. Which ones do I suggest being used?

I'm a huge fan of the Young Living brand of diffusers to use for kids.

When picking a diffuser for kids rooms, I like the Desert Mist Diffuser or the Dewdrop Diffuser. I think they are the perfect diffuser for children's rooms and for babies.

Both are made with Medical grade plastic and in our house, they have been dropped a number of times and still keep on working.

I'm telling you these two diffusers can take a hard lick and keep on diffusing. Another great feature of the Young Living diffusers is they have a 1-year guarantee.

I personally really like the Dewdrop diffuser for diffusing essential oils for baby cough and congestion.

The Dewdrop puts out a good stream of mist so it also acts as a humidifier.  I like having a diffuser that can act as a humidifier and as a source of diffusing essential oils that are safe to use around babies with a cold. I'm always mindful to leave their bedroom doors open while diffusing so they are always getting fresh air.

image showing two diffusers. The young lIving Dewdrop and Young lIving Desert Mist as great Kids room diffuser options.

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Both diffusers are diffuser options that comes with the Young Living Starter Kit which makes getting one a great deal.

I hope in the future to get my girls one of the Young Living diffusers created for Kids. My girls have surprised me how much they like images of the Young Living Dino land Diffuser and the Dolphin Reef Diffuser. Maybe one day soon I can get them one!

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6 Essential Oil diffuser blends for kids

The below Kid-Friendly Diffuser recipes will be amazing not only as essential oil diffuser recipes for kids. But these same Essential oil blends for kids recipes can be used in spray bottles with added water as a quick go-to room spray!

I also have been asked if these are safe for toddlers and babies. In my house, I use an abundant amount of caution so I would not diffuse the recipes with Thieves, Rosemary or Eucalyptus around babies and toddlers as they can be sensitive to these oils.

Feel free to adjust the drop amounts to your liking. Remember, if you are new to experiencing essential oil benefits for your family go easy on a number of drops you use. Even after diffusing became old hat for me, when I try a new oil for the first time I always take it easy and use just 1/2 the recipe just to test our sensitivity to it.

row of premium starter kit essential oils and diffuser

Essential Oils Safe for Kids

If you are new to essential oils these blends may be a little strong for first-time use. Until you and your family are comfortable using oils it is always best to do singles oils at first. Working your way up to combining oils like the blends above. For the first time using these blends, try one drop each of the listed oils for that blend. Once your family is familiar with diffusing essential oils, have fun and experiment with oils. Come up with your own family favorites.

Some great oils to diffuse around kids are-

Lavender- has a nice gentle soothing floral fragrance

Lemongrass- a Clean refreshing scent

Roman Chamomile- a Calming and relaxing scent

Lemon- Fresh citrus scent

Orange- Fresh citrus scent

Tea Tree- a Cleansing scent

Tangerine- a Fresh citrus scent

Sandalwood- Relaxing woodsy scent

Ravensara- a Cleansing scent

Grapefruit– a Fresh citrus scent

Neroli– a Fresh citrus scent

Feel free to use these oils to create your own favorite Kid Scents and blends for kids.

Looking to buy another diffuser check out my guide to picking the right essential oil diffuser type for your home! I even include a few that are UNDER $20 and great for kids!

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Would you love the chance to find someone to help mentor you through the process?

What if I told you I would help you for FREE!

I'd love the opportunity to walk you through essential oils and help you choose the best oils to use for you. When you purchase a Premium Starter kit through me you will receive Free one on one mentoring from me to help you get comfortable and using essential oils in your life. I promise by the time we are done you will be a rockstar user of essential oils!

The above recipes are made using Young Living Essential oils. They are the only essential oils I trust to use on my family. The reason I use only Young Living is pure and simple, I know the quality that goes into Young Living oils.  I only want the best and purest to use on my family and Young Living Guarantees that with their Seed to Seal pledge. If you are new to essential oils or have been using different brands, I'd love the chance to introduce you to Young Living essential oils. Let me help you get started on a healthier lifestyle for you and your family. To find out more, I'd love for you to check out my post on

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How to get started with Essential Oils

It's a fun and informative post about how this normal, plain jane mom is using essential oils and how you can too! check it out here- How to get started with Essential Oils.

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Kids Essential Oil Diffuser

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Monday 23rd of April 2018

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Wednesday 17th of January 2018

I’m new to essential oils and I am wondering how do you know which oils are safe for kids 3 and up.


Friday 26th of January 2018

check out my free downloadable safety sheet it covers oils that are safe for kids-


Sunday 5th of November 2017

FYI - Eucalyptus & Rosemary are typically not advised for kids under 10.


Sunday 5th of November 2017

Hi Patty, Thank you for your comment. I want to reference Dr. Robert Tisserand on his stance on using Eucalyptus on children where he shows diffusing Eucalyptus around 3 yr olds and under is safe. I also researched rosemary and the only safety information I found was in regard to using it topically on children under 4. Can you share with me with where you are getting your guidelines so that I might check them out? Thanks! Ruth

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