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Can you add Essential oils to liquid soap?

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foaming hand soap dispenser

One of the fun things about essential oils is all the great DIY things you can make.

Replacing fake fragrances and products made from toxic chemicals with the healthier option of essential oils is really popular and a super easy thing to do.

One question I see come up is

Can you really add essential oils to liquid soap?

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Yes, you can add essential oils to liquid soap and it is so much fun.

The key to this is choosing a liquid soap that is made from vegetable oils like Castile.

You want to start with a soap that has zero fragrances added and is a pure product with no other added petroleum products and chemicals.

SAFETY TIP! Essential Oils can have a negative reaction to petroleum products and other chemicals so it's best to start with a pure and simple product like Castile soap.

Making your own essential oil hand soap is all about playing with your oils and having a good time concocting scents you love.

Plus you don’t need a ton of oils to make a really good smelling hand soap.

If the only essential oil you own is lavender you can still make your own version of this basic essential oil foaming hand soap recipe!

One other safety tip is to make sure you have your ratio of soap to essential oil correct. you never want to have more than 20% essential oil in your recipe.

If making your own recipe worries you check out my blog post where I share 20 different DIY essential oil scented liquid soap recipes.

I personally like using a nonscented Castile soap to make my essential oil hand soap. Castile soap is made with vegetable oils so it is safe and free of harmful chemicals.

I’ve seen other recipes where they grate bar soap to make their hand soap but I like the ease of using a liquid castile soap.

This way my girls can help with making the soap and I can make it fast with little drama.

Looking for great recipes for making your own DIY foaming hand soap for your kitchen, bathroom and home?

Check out these post on creating soap using essential oils-

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Tuesday 11th of June 2019

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Wednesday 17th of July 2019

Hey Robin, I'm sorry you feel this way. Scrolling past ads can be frustrating when you are in a hurry for information, I agree. I actually have fewer ads running than what Google recommends. Unfortunately, I have to run ads to afford to run this blog. It's not cheap (costing me hundreds of dollars a month to run) and I give away so much information that I think a large majority of my visitors are happy to see a few ads in exchange for getting ideas on how to use their oils. If I didn't have ads, I would have to make this a membership site and charge people to view the info. So I guess viewing a few ads is the best way to make information more accessible to others. Thank you for your feedback and I will keep it in mind. Thanks, Ruth