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Essential oils for energy

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Life can be exhausting sometimes. Office, family, pets, and housework can lead to increased stress and lack of energy. If you find yourself reaching out for coffee more often than ever before to boost your energy levels, it’s time you switched to a more natural alternative. 

Essential oils can invigorate your senses, boost your energy levels, and make you feel revitalized. Essential oils are highly concentrated extracts obtained from the flowers, leaves, seeds, and bark of plants. They are prized for their beneficial properties and can provide you an energy boost and uplift your mood when you are feeling depleted. 

Let us learn more about these oils.

Are you low on energy?

We’ve all felt tired, overwhelmed, and exhausted sometimes. There can be several reasons for this, including diet, lack of proper sleep, and adrenal fatigue. Here are some of the common symptoms of low energy levels –

  • Body aches and pain
  • Drowsiness during the day
  • Increased irritability
  • Inability to focus
  • Feeling depressed
  • Loss of appetite
  • Tiredness without having done much
tired hanging on a basket of laundry. with the text you can use essential oils to get a boost of energy

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How can essential oils help?

Essential oils provide a wide variety of health benefits. When used aromatically or topically, they can influence the areas of the brain that control the feelings of tiredness and stress. Here are some of the ways in which essential oils can improve your energy levels – 

  • Help you focus and concentrate better.
  • Alleviate fatigue
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve mood
  • Promote positivity
  • Increase productivity
  • Make you feel fresh and bright.
row of three essential oils used for energy.

Essential oils good for energy

Citrus essential oils

Citrus oils promote feelings of positivity and dispel negativity. 

1. Orange essential oil 

Both sweet and bitter varieties of orange essential oil provide mood-boosting, energy-enhancing effects. With a powerful, uplifting aroma, orange oil has proven benefits for creating feelings of happiness that can improve energy levels. 

2. Lemon essential oil

Lemon is excellent for mental alertness. It stimulates the mind and lifts spirits. It is a real hero when it comes to essential oils for positive energy.

3. Lime essential oil

Lime essential oil promotes energy flow in the body. The sweet and tangy scent of this oil gives you the boost that you need. When diffused, the lime essential oil has an invigorating and stimulating effect on the mind. 

4. Grapefruit essential oil

Grapefruit essential oil is a fantastic stress buster, and it helps to reduce mental fatigue. It allows you to feel invigorated and awake. Its uplifting scent is not too sweet, making it the perfect daytime essential oil for happiness and energy. 

5. Tangerine essential oil

It is light and uplifting and helps to refresh the mind. It has a sweet and tangy aroma.

Spicy essential oils

6. Cinnamon essential oil

Cinnamon oil helps to diminish the feelings of faintness and exhaustion. It has a warm and spicy scent that uplifts the mood and boosts energy.

7. Black pepper essential oil

The warm, spicy, and woody scent of black pepper essential oil improves concentration and boosts energy. 

8. Ginger essential oil

This warm and robust oil fights the feeling of sluggishness and helps maintain energy levels.

9. Frankincense essential oil

Frankincense essential oil has a lasting aroma that lowers stress and positively affects your energy levels.

Minty essential oils

10. Peppermint essential oil

The strong minty aroma of this oil helps to boost physical and mental vitality. It refreshes the spirit and reduces mental fatigue.

11. Wintergreen essential oil

Wintergreen essential oil provides a boost to your energy and increases mental concentration.

12. Eucalyptus essential oil

Eucalyptus essential oil stimulates the brain and boosts energy. It also helps to revitalize skin and tired muscles.

Herbal oils

13. Rosemary essential oil

Rosemary essential oil has a refreshing fragrance that helps to clear your mind and promote mental awareness.  It is a stimulant and helps fight low energy.

14. Thyme essential oil

Thyme essential oil improves mood, reduces stress, and increases energy.

15. Basil essential oil

The pleasant, herbaceous scent of basil essential oil alleviates sluggishness, relieves mental fog, and fights that constant fatigue feeling. 

How can you use essential oils for energy?

There are several ways to use essential oil blends to boost your energy levels. You can choose one or all of them to fight fatigue and energize yourself.

1. Aromatically

Nothing is faster and more effective than inhalation. Smelling something in the air can have an immediate effect on your mood. Open a bottle of peppermint or bergamot essential oil and take a whiff. You will immediately perk up. 

Our olfactory system takes in the scent, and this is then processed in our limbic system. This is why we have an immediate response when we smell something. 

You can diffuse essential oil energy blends in a diffuser. If you don’t own a diffuser, you can put a drop in your palm and rub your palms together.  Cup your hands over your nose and take a deep breath.

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2. Topically

You can massage diluted essential oils on your skin for energy. When you apply essential oils to the skin, they travel through dermal layers and into the bloodstream. 

If you massage the area first, the circulation in the area improves, and this helps enhance the absorption of the essential oils. According to some experts, essential oils are more easily absorbed through the areas that have higher sweat glands and hair follicles like the head, soles, palms, and armpits.

You can also make essential oil blends and apply it to your skin through essential oil rollers. These are easy to make and easy to use.

Essential oil rollerball recipes for energy

To make an energizing essential oil roller blend, you will need –

A 10 ml roller bottle

1 to 2 teaspoons carrier oil like this one.

5 Drops rosemary oil

3 drops grapefruit oil

5 drops eucalyptus oil

Put the essential oils in the bottle and add coconut oil. Set the rollerball and replace the lid. Swirl to combine. Store it in a cool and dark place. 

It is easy to travel with roller blend bottles, and you can use them on your wrists or behind your ears, as and when needed.

Essential oils diffuser recipes for energy

While all the essential oils mentioned above can help improve your energy and stimulate the brain, using them together to make an essential oil energy blend can have an even better effect. Combinations of two or three energy essential oils are more potent than a single type of oil. Some scents work better together. Some essential oils have overpowering scents and can have a better effect when mixed with other oils. Here are some of the best energy essential oils blends  –

1. Wake up diffuser blend

These essential oil blends can kickstart your morning routine.

Morning blend 1

  • 2 drops cedarwood
  • 2 drops fir
  • 1 drop basil
  • 1 drop rosemary

Morning blend 2

  • 2 drops lemon
  • 3 drops lime
  • 1 drop cinnamon (don't diffuse this around small children)

2. Invigorating essential oil blend

These blends can give you a natural energy burst –

Energy blend 1

  • 2 drops peppermint
  • 1 drops orange
  • 3 drops grapefruit
  • 2 drops lavender

Energy blend 2

  • 2 drops peppermint
  • 3 drops rosemary 
  • 2 drops lime 

Some common questions about energy essential oils

1. Does peppermint essential oil give you energy?

Yes, peppermint essential oil is highly effective in boosting energy levels. Some studies also suggest that peppermint oil can prevent fatigue and improve exercise performance.

You can diffuse it into the air or apply diluted peppermint oil on your skin. If your essential oil label mentions it is safe for ingesting, you can also add a drop to a glass of water and use it as a pre-workout drink.

2. What can I diffuse for energy?

We have mentioned a whole list of essential oils that you can diffuse for energy. You can also blend two or more of these oils and diffuse them to energize your mind and body.

3. What does an essential oil blend mean?

You can combine two or more essential oils to form a blend. Essential oil blends give well-rounded benefits and a more complex fragrance experience. An essential oil blend with two or more essential oils can be more effective in boosting energy levels than just one oil. 

4. What is a good blend of essential oils?

When you create an essential oil blend, you need to consider the purpose of the blend and who is going to use the blend. You then need to identify the oils that provide the effect that you are looking for. Certain essential oils are not considered safe for children and pregnant women. Avoid these oils in your diffuser blend if they have to be used around children and pregnant women.

The bottom line

We all need that boost of extra energy from time to time. You can use energy essential oil instead of coffee to add a pep to your step. You can diffuse these oils or use energizing essential oil roller blends to help you make it through the day. Whichever method you decide to use, these essential oils can boost your energy levels.

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Written by Manveen Grewal , Edited by Ruth Rackley

Essential oils for positive energy

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