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My surprising truth about Young Living rank and success

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YOUNG LIVING RANK Updated below: To share about the journey to my most recent Rank!

Before we go any further per Young Living policy and procedure I need to share the most recent Young Living income disclosure statement. Note that the income paid to U.S. Brand Partners summarized in this disclosure represents potential gross income and does not include costs or expenses incurred by a Brand Partner in the operation or promotion of their business, which can vary widely

I’ve put off writing this blog post about Young Living Ranks and being a business builder so many times it’s shameful.


Because I still get goofy and scared to share to the masses about my journey in network marketing and how I started an essential oil business.

I guess it’s because I want to be 100% truthful and I have so much to share that I get tongue-tied.

And I will admit, I’m even a little shy because I’m not one of those overnight network marketing success stories. Just so you know, I haven’t hit our top ranks in the company in record time.

In fact, I’m what you would call an average Young Living business builder.

Oh, I hear your gasp.

A shiny splashy blog doesn’t make a Diamond overnight.

But that’s okay I now don’t mind being average at all because I've been profitable my entire YL Business career no matter what Young Living Rank I am at.

If you want my strategy to build a healthy and steady business, download my FREE Brand Partner Strategy Guide.  Inside I share the tools that help keep me organized and target the tasks that ensure I have a profitable business no matter my rank in Young Living.

Now that I’m almost 5 yrs into building, I’m so glad God created this journey for me at a slow pace.

I personally had and still have a lot of learning to do about this business.

Plus some major self-growth (I call it soul work) that I needed to have happen. I’m a total work in progress.

But in truth, a few things needed to click into place for me and recently they have.

What I know now is-

  • I’ve done some things right and a whole lot of things wrong.
  • My business has picked up huge momentum and then I have seen it all fall apart.
  • I’ve picked up the pieces and learned from my mistakes and set out to build again.
  • Rebuilding from the ashes is possible and it can be amazing and even better.
  • Handing my business over to God was the game-changer.

Before We dive deep into this post I want you to check out this quick video where I share why I got started in this business and why I think you should give it a try.

In this post, I’m going to talk about:

1. How to make money selling Young Living Essential oils,
2. Why I think some business builders make it and why most fall flat,
3. I’m going to share with you my journey up the Young Living Rank chart and
4. What a paycheck selling Young Living can look like

First, Let’s get the big question I know you are curious about out there and answered-

wooden table with diffuser and essential oils for sale



Do you make money selling Young Living Oils?

Yes, I make money selling Young Living Essential oils on and off my blog. From day one of starting my business I have made a paycheck and every single month since then I have made enough to get my oils paid for and I have ALWAYS made a PROFIT.

And before we dive deep into this post I need to share the Young Living income disclosure statement as is required by Young Living policy and procedure. When I talk about monthly paycheck amounts and other percentages in this post I am referencing information you can kind in the YL Income disclosure statement.

Ok so now that we got all the legal stuff out of the way let’s talk.


How to make money selling Young Living essential oils

I’m going to talk just briefly on this subject. But I hope to write a more in-depth post in the future.

But for now, know this.

Everyone has a different way of making money selling essential oils and no one way is right or wrong.

Some popular ways people sell essential oils are by-
Sharing and selling to friends and family
Teaching and hosting classes
Networking on social media via Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc.
Meeting new people and sharing

And the list can go on but I promised to be brief.

Most successful business builders with Young Living do a combination of several of these together.

They do what matches their personality, their strong points, their interest and their market.

I personally do all of these and a few more. Some way more than others and it varies from month to month.

You actually make money by selling the Young Living Premium Starter bundle. This creates a new member in your downline. Then the way you create residual income is by supporting those new members with essential oil education and creating Brand Partners under you.

In short-

Selling a Premium starter bundle gets you a one-time paycheck for that sale.

But getting people to love oils, showing them how to use oils daily in their lives and reordering on a regular basis by signing up for the Young Living Essential Rewards program is the first step to creating a residual monthly income.

The next step for even greater income and growth comes when you have someone sell oils and create their own Essential oil business under you.

Sound hard and complicated?

For the first year, I let it be hard and complicated for me.

Then I realized it’s so much easier than I thought.

The key and secret to all of this is showing Love.

Love your oils and show where others can see
Show others how to love their oils
Teach others how to share and show their love of oils.

wooden table with diffuser and essential oils for sale and text



Why I think some business builders make it and why others fall flat

Success and Failure are on a thin razor blade line and it all depends on which side you fall. There are two deciding factors in my option to why some business builders make it and why others fall flat.

Expectations and Who gives up first

First, let’s talk expectations.

Man, I was a goober to the 100th degree when I first started. I was a cocky know it all, been there done that distributor. Declaring I would hit Royal Crown Diamond (our top rank) in record-setting time.

Yep, I’m over here now eating some humble pie now.

Building an ethical Multi-level marketing business is no cake walk and definitely no instant millionaire maker.

If someone feeds you that line, do yourself a favor and run.

This creating an MLM business is hard work but does have amazing rewards.

TRUTH- Having the wrong expectations is a business killer.




essential oils on a white table


Healthy Expectations for your Young Living Business

What I’ve learned in just the last few months is that my expectations that signified success in this business were all wrong for me.

I came into this thinking that unless I hit the top ranks and made a ton of money that I was not successful.

But if you have been following me lately, you have heard me talk about the “Soul Work” I’ve been doing.

God has opened my eyes and changed my thinking on what success looks like for me.

Now Success for me looks like-
1. Being able to love my oils and get them paid for so they don’t come out of my household budget.
2. Having the opportunity to share with others about my love of oils and my personal journey.

I feel Extra Successful when-
1. I’m getting my oils paid for
2. When I can share my oily journey with others.
3. My Young Living paycheck is enough extra money to afford to pay other household bills.
4. When I am able to help others get their oils paid for.

Top Tier Success for me-
1. When I am able to have all the above plus having money in the budget to bless others with.
2. Helping others meet their full expectation of success in this business.

Once I removed the word Rank from my definition of Success I have found I’m so much more content and happy in this business. I can meet my expectations and have success when I don’t label with a name.

The key to creating the right expectations for you is to decide what paycheck amount would be a game-changer for you and what on top of that would be a blessing.

I can’t tell you what that is. Each person is different.

But what I see making people fail is that they think they have to hit that top Rank in a company to signify they made it, that they are a success.

And then they are crushed when they fail to reach that rank as fast as they think they should.

When if they had just looked deep inside they would have realized it’s just the simple things that would have meant success to them.

What would success in your own essential oil business look like? Would it be…

1. Getting your oils paid for each month
2. An extra $500 a month to pay off debt and find financial freedom
3. $1000 a month to save for a college fund or a trip for your family to Disney
4. Replace your current income so you can stay home with your kids.

What you spend your paycheck on is up to you.

But think realistically,

What do you need to be happy?

And then stick to that, hustle and go for it.

Success is then in your reach.

The next deciding factor of failure is when you decide to give up.


When you quit you will never grow

I mentioned before that in the past I’ve built momentum in my business.

At one time, I had a dozen business builders under me.

But they all quit.

Hello, crash and burn.

I cried a lot and wondered what was wrong with me as a leader.

But then I realized it wasn’t all about me, it was all about expectation.

They didn’t hit their expectation of success as fast as they thought. So they gave up and quit.

To be honest, we all thought if we sold enough kits we would hit rank in no time. So we Hustled.

But I have learned, you can never build a lasting and sustainable business on just selling kits.

It’s about creating Oil lovers and business builders out of your kit sales.

Did you know that it will most likely not be your first level kit sales or even maybe your second level that you will find your true business builders?

I didn’t, that is until I watched every single one of my level 1 builders quit.

But what surprised me is my business didn’t die, because out of the ashes I found new builders.

What is really wild is if my first builders had stuck with this business and not quit, most of them would have a strong builder under them right now.

And they would have ranked up to the next level they were trying to reach.

I didn’t give up first and now my business is finding momentum all over again.

So I’ve hinted to my Young Living business ranks, now let’s dive in deep to where I’ve been and where I am now and how I see my business evolving.


essential oil bottles and text



My journey up the Young Living Ranks chart

Let’s first get some vocabulary out of the way. So that we all speak the Young Living Language.

PV– product value. Young Living sells to the worldwide market so every product is given a value point so that it remains equal for everyone regardless of the currency used to buy it.

OGV– Organization Group Value: The entire sales volume of your organization.

PGV – Personal Group Volume: The monthly volume in an organization, excluding any Silver or higher rank volume and any qualifying leg(s) volume.

Ranks– This is how each business builder is labeled based on their business size. There are ten ranks in all.

Legs– These are made up of the business builders under you.

Young Living Ranks:

Senior star
Crown Diamond
Royal Crown Diamond

Interesting fact- at the beginning of each month we all start back at the distributor level and build again to our rank. This is even for the Royal Crown Diamonds.

To get a paycheck from Young Living you must personally purchase 100pv of product each month to be eligible for commission.

For me, buying 100pv is super easy and some months I purchase over 300pv because I have swapped out so many of my Target purchases for healthier Young Living options. I can afford it because I’m not buying things at Target and I’m getting my oils paid for with my Young Living Commission.

For a more in-depth break down of the entire compensation plan. Check out the Young Living Compensation Plan Chart

I also suggest checking out the Young Living worldwide income disclosure statement. They do a great job breaking down the income statistics for young living business builders.

Below I’m going to be sharing with you my journey as I build my business.

Everyone’s growth is different but I want to be 100% truthful in what this business has looked like for me.

I think of myself as a little faster than average builder right out of the gate but in the last two years, I’ve had a slow smoldering growth.

And like I’ve said before I’m okay with that.

Now let’s talk my journey-

Young Living Ranks Explained


Young Living Rank- Distributor/Associate

Qualifications to be a distributor/Associate
Sales volume of less than 500 OGV
Personally Placed at least a 100pv order

Everyone in this business begins at the same level. The Rank of Young Living Distributor. And like I said before we do this each and every month.

As of 2022, the Distributor rank comprises 89% of Young Living business builders.

To be labeled an Associate you must be an enrolled Young Living Brand Partner (wholesale member) and must have enrolled another individual as a Preferred Customer. You must also purchase monthly a 100PV of product to receive a commission check.

On 8/31/15 I bought my premium starter kit from Young Living and became a Preferred Customer (wholesale member)/ Brand Partner.

I began building my business with Young Living on 11/30/15 when I sold my first kit to a family member.

At this time, I had decided I wanted to give the business a try. I was so clueless and so excited. I decided I would build my business via a website and by teaching classes.

The very next month, December I hit the next rank of Star.

Total members in my organization while I was a Distributor – 2

The average monthly paycheck for a Distributor is $26 and at its highest $725

Young Living worldwide income disclosure statement


text overlay of essential oils- Young Living Rank of Star 500 OGV

Young Living Rank- Star

Qualifications to be a Star
Sales volume of 500 < 1999 OGV
Personally Placed at least a 100pv order

As of 2022, the Star rank comprises 7.6% of Young Living business builders.

I hit Star pretty fast in one month of doing the business, the average number of months to achieve the star rank is 12.

In my downline, I typically see people hit the rank of star pretty fast. Most within the first month or two of starting.

If you are sharing your oils, teaching classes and making kit sales the rank of Star should come pretty quickly.

There are several ways to hit the Star Rank.

The most popular way I see to hit the Rank of Star-

Place your 100 PV order
Create 400+ PV in sales.

These sales can be people buying kits or reorders

Another way to hit star-
Place a 300 PV order so you get all the free promo oils
Create 200+ PV in sales

I’ve even seen people place a 500pv order for themselves that got them to the Star rank.

Basically, there are a ton of ways you can hit the star rank.

I held onto the star rank for 5 months before I ranked up the first time to senior star. At this time I had two business people under me and I had enrolled over 20 people personally.

My goal was to have no less than 5 kit sales a month. I did this through social media posts and teaching classes.

Total members in my organization the last month as a star = 27

The average monthly paycheck for a star is $75 and at its highest at $932.

I always had a paycheck over $100 so at this point, I was always getting my oils paid for. I personally never spent on oils over what I made. Young Living worldwide income disclosure statement


Young Living Rank of Senior Star 2000 OGV.

Young Living Rank- Senior Star

Qualifications to be a Senior Star
Sales volume of 2000 < 3999 OGV
Personally Placed at least a 100pv order

As of 2017, the Senior Star rank comprises 2.1% of Young Living business builders.

The average time to hit the rank of Senior Star is 19 months

In May 2016, 6 months in the business I hit Senior Star for the first time with 31 people in my downline (organization) and I had 3 business builders under me.

May was also the first time I sold a kit from my website after it was up and running for 6 months.

Up until then, I was selling kits via social media and teaching classes.

But in the very next month, June 2016 I was back to star. I can’t tell you how close to senior star I was most months.

And I wouldn’t hit Senior star again until October 2016. At this time I had 4 business people under me.

The very next month November 2016 I hit Executive for the first time. By this time I had been in the business one year and had enrolled personally 42 people.

Total members in my organization= 57

The average monthly paycheck for a Senior Star is $235 and at its highest at $932.

I typically was on the high end for my paycheck at this time. Young Living worldwide income disclosure statement

Young Living has a program called the Rising Star Bonus and if you structure your downline correctly you can really reap the benefits of this bonus and trust me I made sure I hit that bonus as best I could.

I am also a high enroller so the kit bonuses helped my paycheck be higher.

I want to point out that at this time, while I had “business people” most were happy just getting their oils paid for and that’s it. So I was technically the only real builder.


Text over lay of essential oil bottles- Young Living Rank of Executive 4000 OGV with 2- 1K legs.

Young Living Rank- Executive

Qualifications to be an Executive
Total Sales volume of 4000 < 9,999 OGV
As part of that total sales volume, you must have 2 business legs at 1000+ OGV each
Personally Placed at least a 100pv order

As of 2022, the Executive rank comprises 0.9% of Young Living business builders.

The average time to hit executive rank is 25 months.

I hit Executive in 12 months of being in the business.

Executive rank is the rank I’ve held for the longest.

I held at Executive right up to my 2-year mark of being at this rank. There were months I would dip back down to a senior star but I usually popped right back up.

This is the first rank that requires you to have legs to hit the rank. For Executive, you need 2 legs with 1000 OGV each.

This is the rank where I seriously lost all my business people all in about the same time frame.

I hate to say this but what happened to me is not that unusual.

There is a wonderful little group of executives that I’m friends with and each and every single one of us has seen a drop in business people when we hit this rank.

In my opinion, I think this is again due to people and their expectations of this business and them not hitting ranks as fast as they think they should.

Remember, this is a marathon business, not a sprint.

I’d rather be the tortoise that reaches the finish line and not the Hare who never makes it there.

What saved my organization was purely 100% God. I give Him all the glory.

I’m so thankful God laid it on my heart to nurture people out of love.

In sharing my love of oils, I had taught my personally enrolled how to love their oils too and why Essential Rewards was so awesome to be on.

I don’t have amazing Essential rewards numbers, I’m at 25% where I know others at 65%+, but I have enough on ER that it keeps my business at a steady level while I restructure and build again.

Another thing that saved my business is that I didn’t give up.

But the biggest business changer was I began my major “soul work” and began re-evaluating why I was doing this business and was this really the plan God had for me.

I will be honest, I wanted to quit so bad after having my heart broken when people quit.

But after some deep soul work, I realize this is where God wants me to be. I’m so glad I listened to his whisper and stuck it out.

Because out of the ashes, of what I originally built, God is now building a new business for me.

People God had brought to my website, that had enrolled under me, were ready to take the step and start their own Young Living Business.

These were people I nurtured because I love oils and I never in my wildest dreams thought they might do the business.

These are my new amazing business builders.

I call these business builders instead of business people because they are actively building their own essential oil business and not waiting for me to stack them and support them 100%.

At the time of writing this blog post, I have enrolled over 150 Young Living Members and yes some of those have gone inactive.

But the ones who are sticking around, wow they love their oils!

Total Members in my organization at Executive- 175-200

The average monthly paycheck for an Executive is $502 and the highest is $13,210
Most of my Executive paychecks have been between the $500-$1000 range. Young Living worldwide income disclosure statement

I’m now looking ahead for silver. (update- I hit Silver in November 2018 2 yrs after I hit Executive! One month after writing this post)

One thing I have learned is not to go wide in my legs so fast. Even as a high enroller I just couldn’t support the 5 legs I had.

On my second time rebuilding until I hit Silver I’m concentrating most of my effort on my two top legs and going deeper into them. But also working on my third leg to prepare for hitting Silver and Gold.

Another lesson learned is you can’t want this business enough for others. They have to want and work for it too. Trying to build your business and theirs will only wear you out and discourage you.


Text over lay of essential oil bottles- Young Living Rank of Silver 10,000 OGV with 2- 4K legs & 1000pgv

Young Living Rank- Silver

Qualifications to be a Silver
Total Sales volume of 10,000 < 34,999 OGV
As part of that total sales volume, you must have 2 business legs at 4000+ OGV each
Plus 1000 PGV
Personally Placed at least a 100 PV order

As of 2022, the Silver rank comprises 0.3% of Young Living business builders.

Silver is another rank where you need 2 legs but this time those legs need to be at 4000+ OGV to hit rank. Also to add to this you now need to have at least 1000 PGV outside those two legs to qualify as a silver.

The average time to hit Silver rank is 32 months.

On November 27, 2018 I hit the rank of Silver for the first time.  I hit it in 36 months of selling my first kit.

This date holds a special place in my heart as it's the day before my mom started her first round of Chemo. I was a nervous wreck and I had hustled like no other leading up to this day. Just trying to get everything done so I could focus completely on her. 

I always track my daily business progress using Oily Tools and the Virtual Office. 

I had realized the week before that it was going to be a stretch to hit Silver. It was looking like at most, I would have 7000 OGV but I decided the only thing that could stop me was myself. I had faith that if this was my month, that if I put in the effort and work, God would lead the way.

It's funny, I went to put my girls to bed on the 27th, thinking if all “my plans” worked out I might hit Silver by the end of the month. (3 days later)

As I laid there listening to my girls fall asleep I prayed to God.

I told him I was worn out and my team had exhausted themselves. We had truly hustled.

I told him I realized that in the last few days I had fallen into my old habits of trying to do this all by myself,

I was ready to sit back and watch him work it out because I had nothing left.

Repeating in my head the moto I've been trying to live by.

His Will, His Way, His Timing

I fell asleep exhausted holding my girls. And 2 hours later I woke up to my phone going wild.

My team had done something none of us had expected, we had hit Silver!

No, I don't think God is a genie in a bottle who granted my wish.

I think God wanted me to walk out in faith and for me to put in the effort.

But God also wanted me to hand over the control and outcome to him.

Y'all I am ashamed that at one time I had tried to even plan out the very hour of when I would hit Silver.

But in my moment of exhaustion, I handed it over to him and said, God, your way, not mine.  That is when God showed me his grace and power because there is no way my team could have made Silver on my own power.

I'm now writing this update in December, I can say that I'm not sure if I will hit Silver 2 months in a row but I have faith God has a plan. And whatever that plan is I'm okay.

I know my job is to continually step out in faith. Do the scary things and trust he's got this. 

To hit Silver again will be a huge task but it's not too small for God.

So a little bit I've learned about the Rank of Silver-

You are now getting into the stage of building your business where this can not be a one-man show. You need business builders to do this with you as a team.

This is where your leadership skills begin to shine and where you take on the extra load of managing a team. But it is also key not to quit sharing your love of oils and signing up new members.

Also when you hit Silver is when Young Living starts rewarding you with free trips. I can't wait to go on the Silver retreat to Utah! I am so looking forward to putting my hands in the wonderful soil at the Young Living Farm and actually helping to plant a Lavender plant. How cool is that?

Total Members in my organization at hitting the rank of Silver- 200 ( I have a friend who hit Silver with me and she has 65 in her organization)

Business people in my organization- 2 major business builders, 5 checking the business out.

I'm still personally enrolling an average of 5-15 people a month. 

The average monthly paycheck for a Silver is $2,088 and the highest is $29,248 Young Living worldwide income disclosure statement


Young Living Rank of Gold 35,000 OGV with 3- 6K legs + 1000PGV.

Young Living Rank- Gold

Qualifications to be a Gold
Total Sales volume of 35,000 < 99,999 OGV
As part of that total sales volume, you must have 3 business legs at 6,000+ OGV each
Plus 1000 PGV
Personally Placed at least a 100pv order

As of 2022, the Gold rank is made up of 0.1% of Young Living business builders.

The average time to hit Gold rank is 49 months.

With Gold, you need 3 legs at 6,000pv each and the 1000 PGV to qualify as a Gold.

Many people will tell you that this is the game changer rank as your check really takes a jump from part-time to full-time pay.

The average monthly paycheck for a Gold is $5,666 and the highest is $48,630 Young Living worldwide income disclosure statement


Young Living Rank of platinum 100,000 OGV with 4- 8K legs + 1000PG

Young Living Rank- Platinum

Qualifications to be a Platinum
Total Sales volume of 100,000 < 249,999 OGV
As part of that total sales volume, you must have 4 business legs at 8,000+ OGV each
Plus 1000 PGV
Personally Placed at least a 100pv order

As of 2022, the Platinum rank is made up of <0.1% of Young Living business builders.

The average time to hit Platinum rank is 58 months.

When I first looked at the Young Living Income statement this was the level that for me I said hello Game Changer. I know that with this rank I will never have to go back to a normal day job again.

The average monthly paycheck for a Platinum is $13,872 and the highest is $90,275 Young Living worldwide income disclosure statement


Young Living Rank of Diamond 250,000 OGV with 5- 15K legs + 1000PGV.

Young Living Rank- Diamond

Qualifications to be a Diamond
Total Sales volume of 250,000 < 749,999 OGV
As part of that total sales volume, you must have 5 business legs at 15,000+ OGV each
Plus 1000 PGV
Personally Placed at least a 100pv order

As of 2017, the Diamond rank is made up of <0.1% of Young Living business builders.

The average time to hit Diamond rank is 70 months.

At this level, the paychecks and the bonuses go out of this world amazing. Once you hit one of the Diamond ranks you are thought of as the Elite of Young Living builders.

It’s hard for me to wrap my head around this rank.

But it’s possible, as I have a friend who I’ve watched go from a distributor to Crown diamond over the last 4 yrs and I’m proud that she is my upline and closest diamond.

The average monthly paycheck for a Diamond is $35,348 and the highest is $163,387 Young Living worldwide income disclosure statement


Young Living Rank of Diamond 750,000 OGV with 6- 20K legs + 1000PGV.

Young Living Rank- Crown Diamond

Qualifications to be a Crown Diamond
Total Sales volume of 750,000 < 1,499,999 OGV
As part of that total sales volume, you must have 6 business legs at 20,000+ OGV each
Plus 1000 PGV
Personally Placed at least a 100pv order

As of 2022, the Crown Diamond rank is made up of <0.1% of Young Living business builders.

The average time to hit Crown Diamond rank is 85 months.

The average monthly paycheck for a Crown Diamond is $64,477 and the highest is $231,397 Young Living worldwide income disclosure statement


Young Living Rank of Diamond 1,500,000 OGV with 6- 35K legs + 1000PGV.

Young Living Rank- Royal Crown Diamond

Qualifications to be a Royal Crown Diamond
Total Sales volume of >1,500,000 OGV
As part of that total sales volume, you must have 6 business legs at 35,000+ OGV each
Plus 1000 PGV
Personally Placed at least a 100pv order

As of 2022, the Royal Crown Diamond rank is made up of <0.1% of Young Living business builders.

The average time to hit Royal Crown Diamond rank is 85 months.

The average monthly paycheck for a Royal Crown Diamond is $144,551 and the highest is $326,334 Young Living worldwide income disclosure statement


How you can start an essential oil business

What do you think?

That is the Young Living ranks explained in a nutshell and how I built my Young Living Business to my current rank.

I’ve shown you that Yes, the essential oil business is profitable.

And I’ve briefly discussed how to make money selling Young Living Essential Oils.

I personally think that Young Living Essential Oils are the best Essential Oils to sell. As a company, they are focused on whole home health and wellness. This makes it easy to share their products to a wide range of audiences.

Young Living has an amazing compensation plan that I would put up against any major Multilevel marketing company.

I didn’t start an essential oil business without putting a lot of thought into it. And I imagine you are thinking hard about it too.

The first step to starting a business is to become a member by purchasing a Premium Starter Kit.

If you are looking to start an essential oil business, you may be wondering how you can find a Young Living distributor/ Business builder to sign up under. I have a few suggestions to help you find the right mentor and sponsor to enroll under.

1. Pick a person you feel you can trust and that is actively building a business. You want someone in the trenches with you who is active and excited about Young Living.

2. Don’t worry about location. I thought I would need someone local to me. I found that is not the case. My mentor lives 10 hrs away and we do business coaching calls when I need them and chat all the time via email and FB.

3. If your picking someone that is a blogger like me. Shoot them an email and ask them about their business and how they train their business builders. Ask them about their upline and the support they get from them. Get as much info as you can.

4. If your looking at a local friend or family member ask them the same questions as above. How are they learning the business? What is their upline support like?


What do I have to offer a business builder as their sponsor and enroller?

First off, I can tell you I run my business with integrity and honesty as best as I can humanly do.

I ask God the direction for each step I take.

I may make mistakes along the way but I will own them if I do. But I’m learning to give God all the glory in this business.

I can also tell you that I have an amazing upline who has gone out of their way to support my entire team.

There have been times I’ve been on vacation and they have stepped in, cared for and loved on my business builders.

We all work together as one team. I love the support my upline gives.

My closest Crown Diamond is a friend I’ve known over 10yrs and between her and me is an amazing couple I love dearly at the Gold level.

I’m so blessed my team has such a fabulous upline. Even above my closest Diamond are several Royal Crown Diamonds that give us all amazing leadership and support.

I’m telling you God selected my upline and I couldn’t feel more blessed.

With all this support also comes amazing business building training.

From Facebook groups, classes, youtube videos, graphics you can use, teaching on all sorts of social media, and books. If your willing to learn we have a way to teach you how to succeed in this business and the tools to get you there.

If you are interested in starting a young Living Business I’d be honored to be your enroller and sponsor. The first step is to get your premium starter kit to become a Young Living Member.

Then when you get your Welcome Email from me, just let me know you want to be a business builder!

I can’t wait to see you build to your own success!

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How to start an Essential oil business

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Thursday 13th of January 2022

What is the difference between sponsor and enroller? If I have different sponsor nd enroller, will they each get a commission?

Karen Hollings

Thursday 30th of July 2020

You don’t succeed with it because it’s not set up for YOU to succeed- it’s set up for the top .04% aka the Royal Crown Diamonds to succeed. You are their paycheck. Their residual income. There isn’t enough people in the world for everyone to be on top. It doesn’t matter how bad you want it, how much you hustle. The model is set up for you to fail. So many many people do. When you say you make money every month, are you accounting the $100 a month you’re required to purchase to stay active? Are you even making minimum wage with the time you’re putting into your “business”?


Tuesday 4th of August 2020

Hey Karen, Thank you for sharing your opinion. While I can see your point of view I also disagree. I have friends I've known for over 10 yrs before I even started with Young Living that are now Crown diamonds. They are moms just like me. The difference in their success and mine is that they work this business all the time. They consistently show up every single day. Me, I show up when it suits my schedule and my family obligations. SO where I am in rank is 100% on me and my personal work ethic I can not blame the people at the top. Before I became a mom and started this business I was a professional photographer. It was a 6 figure business that I built from nothing. That business took the same type of work this business does, the difference is back then I gave it everything I had and then some. That is why I saw success and a huge paycheck. I know other people who worked hard as photographers but not consistently like me and never made a dime. Does that mean photography is a business set up for people to fail except the top photographers?? And since you asked, yes I make over minimum wage with my business even after I place my 100pv order each month. As a business person, I understand what my investment is and every month I have goals in place to ensure my Young Living business stays profitable. But the lack of others going into this business without a business mindset or without the work ethic can not be blamed on those of us who do and see success. You are right, there is not enough people in the world for everyone to be on the top. But isn't that with EVERY SINGLE job and business out there? I'm pretty sure I've never seen or heard Young Living promise that everyone can be at the top. And I am okay with that. I also want to add, I'm okay with not hitting the top ranks. I'm not chasing riches, I'm about making a comfortable side paycheck for my family and I do that each and every month.

Penelope Perrin

Tuesday 24th of September 2019

Thank you so much Ruth! I signed up and got my starter kit 4 months ago and have been loving using the oils so much that I too have been thinking of starting to build my business just to support my oil habit to start with. I love the clear explanation of the business coupled with your own story as an example - it has brought clarity to what was a murky list of crowns and stars and diamonds until now...


Wednesday 25th of September 2019

Hey Penelope! I'm so glad my post helped. This business is the best. If you ever have business questions I'm here to help! Ruth

Maureen Witherspoon

Friday 26th of April 2019

Great and helpful post. I get stuck at the signing folks up, myself, part. I just feel I haven’t figured out my market, my focus, my style to something. I’ve been with YL for over 15 years, only built for about 3 years. I’m a bit emotionally blocked, I believe. Maureen Witherspoon


Monday 29th of April 2019

Hey Maureen! I'm so glad you commented. yes, Signing up folks can be so hard. But stick with it. Keep sharing your oil stories and the sign-ups will come. Have you tried talking with your upline about what might be blocking you? I'd also suggest getting your Enneagram done. It's really opened my eyes to my own personal roadblocks and what areas of my life I need to work on.


Friday 29th of March 2019

Love your story... love how you give God the honor and glory. The truth is though, with all the ads it made it very distracting, hard to read at times, and slow to build the page. :/


Monday 1st of April 2019

Thank you, Deb, for your honesty and feedback. I will definitely take your critique and evaluate the ads on the page.