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Day 5- Blogging To Grow Your MLM

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Welcome to Day 5 of How to Start a blog to grow a MLM business 5 Day Course.

Day 5- Other blogging tips to help you get started

In case you missed any of the other days in this course, I placed them in a secret spot on my blog just for students:

Today, I want to share miscellaneous blogging tips that will help you be successful. Read below to learn more of my top blogging tips.

**Some of the links below contain affiliate links. I personally use these products and count them as something I can't live without for managing blog and running my MLM business. By clicking on the links I may receive a commission at no cost from you.

Start collecting emails from Day 1

I first started out collecting emails by using a company called MailChimp. They have a free option and I used it for awhile. I'm now with an email marketing platform called ConvertKit. When I made the switch to them my Subscribers skyrocketed. Why? I think it was a mix of being able to create nicer looking subscription boxes on my website and because with ConvertKit has so many more features and options I was able to provide more email contact with my readers.

Reply to comments

One thing I check every day is my comments. My goal is to reply to each person who takes the time to ask a question or comment on the blog post. even if it is just to say Thanks! I know I like it when a blogger I reach out to replies. It makes me feel like they care. So I try to do the same for my readers.

Create an About Page

I think so many bloggers don't focus on this simple page enough. You don't have to leave your life story but you want to create just one more place of connection with your readers. Especially in MLM sales this is important. Here is my ABOUT ME PAGE if you want to take a look.

Action Step 1– Create an about me page that includes information that talks about your MLM

Create a Sales Page

Most blogs will not have a sales page. But seeing that we are also trying to market our MLM businesses, I think it is key to funnel readers to a standard sales page that you create. On this page, you need to again connect with your potential member. Talk to them about their pain points and how your product can enrich their lives. Talk about how it has changed your life. You may also want to include instruction on how to properly enroll with you. Make this page easily accessible from your menu bar and I would put a link to it in every blog post you make regarding the products of your MLM Company.

Action Step 2– Create a sales page for your MLM product and link to it from any post you make about your MLM business.

Don't be afraid to Automate

In the beginning, I was trying so hard to blog without spending money. I was working myself to death trying to get everything done by doing it myself. I told myself I did those jobs because I enjoyed them. But what I found out pretty quick was I was getting burned out on a task that could have been automated. Leaving me more time to do big things for my blog that would make a huge difference. Now I schedule out pretty much all my social media on Mondays for a full week. batch scheduling allows me then to concentrate on writing post, photographing images for post and working with my Business team and my enrollees. It was hard at first to invest the money to automate and schedule things but man is it so worth it now.

My key tools I use to automate-

Tailwind– I use Tailwind for scheduling pins for Pinterest and Instagram post. They have an awesome free trial where you can schedule a 100 free Pinterest pins and 10 Instagram post. Get sign up for the free trial here

Cinchshare– For scheduling my facebook post. Cinchshare comes in handy for scheduling facebook classes and events. It allows me to concentrate on reply to comments instead of trying to keep up with the time and posting the next post. Get your 30 day free trial here

Action Step 3- Pick something to automate so that you can free up more time to do more important blogging task.


Your readers will love to get to know you. It's one thing that will continue to draw them back time and again. Each of us is different so make sure you are true to yourself and who you are. Your loyal followers will love you for it.

Have Fun

Blogging is a ton of work. My average week of blogging is somewhere between 20-60 hrs a week of work. Sometimes that work is all in the background unseen by my readers. Blogging can be stressful from the pressure we put on ourselves and don't get me started on the comparison game. I made a promise to myself early on to never compare myself and my blog to other blogs and bloggers out there. I found that it took the fun of blogging out of it for me and just depressed me. Now my goal is to just have fun with blogging. I share what interests me and what I think my readers need.

Continue learning

Blogging is a continuously changing world. Each month or Quarter I try and pick one major blogging skill/subject to learn more about. I have found that each time I learn a new skill with blogging my blog grows leaps and bounds. There are tons of great bloggers out there with courses that can help you grow.

Some of my favorite courses have been-

Simple Pin Media– Pinterest courses Kate offers some of the best courses on Pinterest. I love how they are quick and easy but full of useful strategy that you can put to work immediately. Her Mastering Tailwind Course was so helpful for me in creating a strategic plan with Tailwind.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing– This course by Michelle from Making Sense of Cents is packed full of amazingness. I'm currently finishing up taking the course and I can't tell you how many ways it has helped me in understanding Affiliate Marketing. What I love is that they are things I can implement and use to grow my MLM business on my blog. You can check out Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing HERE

Action Step 4- Research a subject or skill you are lacking and find a course you can take to learn more about it.

If you are interested in starting your own blog to support the growth of your MLM business, I created a tutorial that will help you start a blog of your own. Right now the pro plan is on sale! For $3.95/mo this is a great deal, especially seeing you get a free web domain (a $16 value) if you purchase at least 12 months of blog hosting. When looking to build your MLM business by blogging, my top tip is to be self-hosted. I know a lot of MLM companies offer cookie cutter compliant “websites” that you can purchase for a monthly fee but you will appear more professional if you create your own. Plus you will be able to monetize your blog in other ways which can help your MLM business grow faster.

Daily Action Steps-

1– Create an about me page that includes information that talks about your MLM

2– Create a sales page for your MLM product and link to it from any post you make about your MLM business.

3- Pick something to automate so that you can free up more time to do more important blogging task.
4- Research a subject or skill you are lacking and find a course you can take to learn more about it.

That is the end of this free email blogging course. I hope you learned a lot over the past week and have a successful blogging journey. Whenever a good blogging tip or resource comes across my plate, I'll make sure to send you an email and share it with you ASAP.

Have fun and good luck blogging!

If you are not a student of this free blogging course, you can sign up by clicking on this link, or by entering your information in the form below.

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