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9 Easy Ways You Can Easily Use Essential Oils

9 Easy Ways You Can Easily Use Essential Oils

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When I was first thinking about using essential oils. I was so intimidated. All I saw were hippy like mom’s using essential oils and to me, they were way out there. I'm not like that, I'm just a normal mom just like you.


So how does a normal mom use essential oils?



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essential oil bottles and diffuserI asked myself that question a lot when I was researching essential oils and trying to decide if they were the right thing for me and my family to use.

But that’s when I realized, as I began to use essential oils, that there are tons of normal plain jane mom’s, just like me, that were using essential oils. And each was using essential oils in their own way.


Now, this is important…


I want to point out,  that using essential oils is not an all or nothing thing.

It all boils down to this……..It’s about using essential oils to your comfort level.

And your comfort level of using essential oils may be totally different to mine and can be totally different to how your best friend uses essential oils.

And that is totally okay.

First, for those absolutely new to essential oil beginners, Let me clarify a few things.

I want to briefly talk in a broad sense about the three ways to use essential oils. Then we will dive deeper into my favorite ways to actually put into action the Essential Oils we are talking about.

When you hear people talking about using essential oils they are using them in 1 of 3 ways.


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Aromatic Essential Oil Use

This way of using essential oils allows us to breathe in the essential oils.

The most popular form of aromatic use is by using a diffuser to disperse the oils mixed with water into the air.

Why is that?

Because diffusing is super easy and really only requires you to be able to count drops and add water.

It truly is the easiest way to use essential oils for a beginner and one of the main reasons I bought my starter kit.

You see, the starter kit comes with a really top of the line great diffuser and it’s basically free with the kit. I now have a diffuser in just about every room of the house. I might have a tiny diffuser addiction.


Topical Essential Oil Use

This way of using essential oils allows the body to absorb the essential oils by applying it directly to the skin.

Topically is another easy way to use essential oils for beginners. My favorite way to apply oils topically is by using roller bottles. Roller bottles are a glass container with a roller type top that has essential oil and carrier oil mixed.

It’s essential oil use on the go.

I'm going, to be honest, here, topical use can get a little technical because we start needing to pay attention to how many drops are applied and if they need the help of dilution with a carrier oil.

Trust me, this part can be a little scary for some, but you are in luck. I have a free cheat sheet you can download and a funny short video below that makes this simple and easy to understand. 

Never made an essential oil roller? Check out this super short video where I show you how I make my favorite roller called the Daily Roller. (you can find the post about it HERE) Bonus to watching this video? You get to see the quirky fun side of me




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Internal Essential Oil Use

This is simply using essential oils internally by ingesting essential oils using water, vegetable capsule or food to ingest the oils.

Ingesting Essential Oils can be a very touchy subject as there are many different views on the subject.

My suggestion is to do your research on ingesting Essential Oils and decided what you are personally comfortable with. Use that mom intuition and follow what is best for your family. I want to stress that not all oils are ingestible and some can be downright dangerous if ingested. If you decided to ingest oils please only ingest oils that are labeled for ingestion.  

So now that we have the basics of how to use oils out of the way.


Every day Essential Oil Use

I know what you are thinking, how does a normal mom use essential oils?

 I look at myself as an average essential oil user. Let me tell you from a normal mom’s standpoint, there are all kinds of ways to use essential oils and I’m going to share just a few of my favorites. But like I said above. It's about using Essential oils at your comfort level.


1. How to use essential oils to make your house smell good


Using essential oils to make my house smell good was, to be honest, the whole reason I bought my starter kit, to begin with. Every other essential oil use for me came after this.

I love my house to smell good and I was so tired of forking out money for plugins, room sprays, and candles. Plus I was having troubles with breathing and getting headaches. I felt like if I got rid of the chemically laden fragrances in my home I might save some money, feel better without all the chemicals and have a great smelling house.

But there was one catch, it would get rid of my smell good stuff.

Then entered using Essential oils.

And they worked,

fewer chemicals = healthy home


essential oils = a great smelling healthier home

My favorite way to have a great smelling house is to diffuse essential oils using the diffuser I got in my starter kit. 1-3 drops of a favorite essential oil and my house smells amazing.

What I find fun is making my own blends of oils to create a unique scent for my home. To get you started, here are a few of my favorite diffuser recipes using just the kit oils.

Want another quick way to make your house smell great?

The trick is to make essential oil room sprays.

With just a few drops of oil, a pinch of salt, water, and a sprayer bottle, I can make these for less than a $1 each. Plus I can have them in every room of the house and with as many different scents as I have bottles. My favorite recipe blend is lemon, eucalyptus, and purification.

Mom tip-  Essential oil room sprays make fabulous Christmas gifts for teachers and neighbors. These Essential Oil Christmas Room Sprays have been a hit the last two years for our Teachers and I get asked about them all the time. Plus the cute labels you can download are a huge hit.

Now you have a great smelling home but does it look clean?

To help you find your comfort level, download my free Pdf intro to oils recipe book. It's created with you in mind, and full of super simple and easy essential oil recipes. I handpicked them to give you a great idea of how easy using essential oils can be.

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2. How to use essential oils in cleaning

There once was a time my house smelled like a pickle.

But not anymore.

I love using essential oils to clean my home, It beats plain vinegar any day.

Cleaning your home is where essential oil quality comes into play. You want a good reputable brand so you know the Essential oils are doing a great job cleaning your home.

I use Essential oils to clean-


Floors- hardwood and carpet


Kitchen surfaces like- Stove, refrigerators, sinks, countertops, microwaves


To be honest I clean everything thing with them.


Because I can clean with essential oils for way less money than I can with the typical cleaner you buy from the store.

And because it’s less toxic chemicals for me and my family to breathe in. Which is a super great plus.


Mom tip- place a drop of Citrus fresh on a cotton ball and place into stinky book bags, shoes, and or trash cans to help get rid of the stink.


My whole house can be clean and I will always find some random pile of laundry I missed. #truth


3. Using essential oils for laundry

My favorite way to use Essential Oils in my laundry is to replace my dryer sheets with wool dryer balls. I put 1-3 drops of oil on a ball during drying and our clothes come out smelling great.

Got some seriously stinky clothes, a drop or 2 of Purification or Thieves in the washer can help neutralize the smell.


4. Using essential oils for skin

This was my turning point with oils. It turned me from still a doubter to a full-on believer.

On a whim, I created a skin serum using just three of my kit oils and carrier oil. Over time my skin began to look so much more youthful that people were taking notice and asking questions.

This is when I realized I could incorporate Essential oils in my beauty routine and make DIY beauty products that would work! I love that I can create a money-saving face serum that makes me look more youthful.


Amazing isn’t it?


But using essential oils for DIY beauty doesn’t stop at just face serums.

There are lots of amazing essential oil recipes for other skin uses-

Bath washes

Face toners


Cuticle oil

DIY Moisturizer using oils and Coca and Shea Butter

Charcoal mask

And lots more


What I love is each time I make a DIY Beauty product it’s one less time a chemical laden product gets applied to my skin.

Oh, and did I tell you I have a requirement for DIY products?

For me, the DIY Beauty Product has to take me less than 5 minutes to make or I won’t use it. Hey, I’m a busy momma and I don’t have time to be Martha Stewart. I just need things done.

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5. Using essential oils for hair

I’ve made a hair detangling spray using Essential Oils and Aloe Juice that has saved us a ton of tears.

Case in point, as you can see in my profile picture, my girls and I have a LOT of hair.

I love I can make our hair smoother and more healthy by using essential oils and saving money.


Mom Tip- You can also add essential oils to your shampoo and conditioner for promoting healthy shiny hair.


6. Using essential oils for kids

My girls love essential oils and I love that I can teach them about all natural products that they can enjoy using all their lives.

Their favorite way to use essential oils is in the diffuser. Which is great seeing it’s a great easy way to support the wellness without them even realizing they are doing something healthy. These kid diffuser recipes are a big hit with my girls.


Mom tip- I have special kid rollers created and labeled just so in a pinch I don’t have to sit and figure out what I need. I just grab and go.


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7. Using essential oils for an energy boost

Those days where I really need a little bit of help with motivation, energy, and concentration, I turn to my oils like peppermint, Citrus Fresh, and Lemon. I can put them in the diffuser or a few drops in my hands and then deep breaths as I breath them in are all I need to get a little pep in my step.


8. Using essential oils for rest

Not only can essential oils be used for getting your energy going but they can also help set the scene for rest and relaxation.

I’ve learned I can set the scene for night time rest and the girls will go to bed without too much fight. Now if I could only just learn not to fall asleep with them when I spray lavender on the sheets and use our nighttime roller.


9. Using essential oils in wellness

When I first started using oils I looked at them as some sort of solution or band-aid for whatever ails me.

I’ve since learned that the best way to use oils and to get the best benefit is by using them to promote my family’s wellness.

We do this daily by switching out more Chemical laden products for healthier versions using oils, and by using oils in ways that support our body systems. It sounds complicated but really it is so simple and it evolved over time.

It’s about taking baby steps.

Learning what works for you and adapting.


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The above 9 ways normal moms use essential oils are all very simple. Mainly I want you to see that using essential oils doesn’t have to be complicated or weird. That in fact, it’s easy, fun, time-saving, money-saving and healthy. It’s all about using essential oils to your comfort level and having someone to share their knowledge so you can grow in your Essential Oil journey as you feel comfortable.

Are you wanting to begin the process of detoxing your home from harmful chemicals? But don't know where to start?

Does the idea of learning all about Essential Oils feel like it's more information than you can handle?

Would you love the chance to find someone to help mentor you through the process? Someone who can help simplify and make learning fun?

What if I told you I would help you for FREE!

Click here to get started with your Premium Starter Kit today!

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essential oil bottles and diffuser

essential oil bottles and diffuseressential oils on a table and ipad showing essential oil recipe book
essential oil bottles and diffuser

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